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There’s a difference between giving money to charity and being there with the recipient of your giving, while they experience the benefit that your kindness has enabled. At Reliable Foundation, it is our goal to provide experiences that enable you to participate in the wonder of giving, through you being there with the people that you’ve directly impacted.

On-the-ground charity experiences

Founded by Adam Hudson & Joe Olejnik, founders of Reliable Education, the Reliable Foundation curates a collection of charitable experiences which are created and led by students with a heart for giving. Students can either join a tour that they’re interested in, or propose a charity they’re passionate about and work with the Foundation to create and lead their own tour. All tours are not-for-profit and completely free of “management fees” or any other fees that reduce the donations to the recipient charity.

Come and heal the blind with us!
AUD $1,000 for a 3-day experience.

The first program we’ve created is in partnership with the John Fawcett Foundation in Indonesia, one of the largest eye-surgery charities in the world.

The Reliable Foundation arranges around 6 tours per year to Indonesia, with each tour consisting of at least 15 to 20 people. We have a centralised meeting point near the tourist hub of Seminyak, and then we take those volunteers by bus into various locations within Indonesia, mostly into East Java. Over 3-days, you will get to witness firsthand, the massive impact of that $15,000 to $20,000 ($1,000 from 15 to 20 charity travellers in your group).

The $15,000 to $20,000 raised for each tour will directly pay for the restoration of eye-sight to more than 300 blind people. It will also pay for 30 or more prosthetic eyes (usually to a child that has lost an eye) and will cover the cost of over 500 doses of eye medication and over 1500 pairs of prescription glasses.

You will not only be directly responsible for liberating the blind, but you’ll be liberating their carers too. In third world countries like Indonesia, these people are blind because they’re poor and they are poor because they are blind. It’s a cycle that you can break – directly!

Upon arrival at the village, you will be welcomed by Government officials and you will participate in the eye tests, sit in on an actual surgery and watch young people’s lives transformed as their prosthetic eyes restore the aesthetic beauty of their faces.

Adam & Joe will cover the cost of the buses, drivers, your hotel and meals over the three days so that every cent of Your Donation goes to the John Fawcett Foundation.

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Meet great people doing great things

One of the side benefits of joining a Reliable Foundation charity tour is that you will meet other incredible people who are at a stage in their lives where purpose and meaning matter. You will meet some of the kindest people you’ll ever know, not to mention many that have done very well in their professional and business careers. It can be life changing in more ways than one!


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Meet Chris and Ange

Christopher (Chris) Dean and Angela (Ange) Lawson are Reliable Education students who participated in one of the early eye-sight tours led by Adam. Like everyone who goes, Chris and Ange were deeply moved by what they experienced and have since gone back to Bali to get more involved.

Today, they head up the Foundation and are responsible for training tour leaders and overseeing the day-to-day activities of the Foundation. Like everyone associated with running the Foundation, Chris and Ange are volunteers and are not paid for their contribution.

A big part of their “WHY” is to give back and we hope you can join us in these life changing experiences too!