What our Students have to say...

Seeing the amazing, intricate work the surgeons do is incredibly humbling. It’s inspiring to witness the life-changing work, all done from the back of a mobile van! Seeing the transformation for these people bought me so much joy and hope for what’s possible!!” Julie Olejnik

I had the most amazing experience recently. Travelling to Situbondo in East Java with my fellow Reliable Education Platinum Partner students, to be a part of this truly special organisation, The John Fawcett Foundation. During this week, they performed over 2,500 eye screenings, performed around 350 cataract surgeries and hand crafted, just under 100 prosthetic eyes.

Their tireless work in these remote communities is remarkable, and I felt so blessed to be a part of it all. Not to mention the lifelong friends I got to share this experience with.

Thanks to all involved.... for showing us the way. Rebecca Paros

The Reliable Education JFF Bali Tour was amazing. It really puts into perspective how privileged we are and how we take even the simplest things (eyesight) for granted. The trip was amazing and it made me see how we can all make a difference in this world. The people were lovely and so excited to see us. We all felt like Rockstars!!” Wendy Cheung

It was such a privilege to be part of a visiting team to a project which provided practical assistance to so many people. What a thrill to see the successes evident in amazed and radiant faces of the patients and their supporting families. Was it worthwhile? Absolutely! Is it for everybody? Definitely!” Sheryl and Paul Lanham

It’s hard to absorb, as it’s a very emotional moment; their expression completely changes before the bandage and after the bandage comes off. It makes me very thankful of we’ve got and what we are blessed with, It’s a really good feeling to see it’s been successful“ ARSH SIDHU

It’s something that touches your soul, people that have been blind for years, coming to get their eyesight back, and it’s all a bit bewildering for them at first, but you can see the joy in their faces and it gives you a warm glow to know that you have helped with that, and that makes it all worthwhile.” HANS KERKVLIET

“It’s life changing stuff and amazing to be part of this trip. To see the smile on this little boys face was just incredible, and seeing the joy in his father's face, that his boy isn't going to be blind, that he can go on and go to school, have a job, was really amazing and we're very thankful to be a part of it!" CHRISTOPHER DEAN

“The gift of eye sight is so precious, the fact that you’re able to give that gift to someone who is in a position to do nothing in return for you other than look you in the eye and sincerely say thank you very much, and even with the language barrier, you feel it. I highly recommend this experience!” PETER HEIBLOEM

“We saw a little boy who was missing an eye, he was getting fitted for a prosthetic eye, he was around 5years old, he had the experience of seeing him have the prosthetic eye fitted and we celebrated with him! It’s been an awesome day!” RYAN LANGFORD

“It’s been really really wonderful, I’m a bit at a loss for words, seeing a lot of people that couldn’t see yesterday, that can see today, and they’re so grateful for even just a handshake. There’s a lot of really beautiful moments happening, and it’s quite overwhelming how kind everyone is!” ANGELA LAWSON

“It’s opened my eyes to another world. The friendliness of the people in the midst of what they’re going through, has just been amazing, It’s an experience you'll never forget!” GLEN FROST

Even though I've spent over 20 years helping people and saving lives, I've never felt so touched as when I watched my son, Joshua, hand a balloon to a young boy. Both their faces lit up and I was so incredibly humbled. It reminded me that we can bring joy to people's lives every day, we just need to choose to.” Tim & Joshua Patel

For Mark and I, it was such a humbling experience to witness firsthand, to see how little it takes, to make such an enormous impact, not only to the lives of the patients, but on their whole community. The best part was talking with the families of the patients, hearing their stories and learning how this would impact their lives. Connecting deeply with some of the patients is something we will treasure for life. A bonus to all this, is that we formed strong, close bonds with other Reliable Education students, whom we hope to have lifelong friendships with.” Mark and Susan Dzidowski

Our JFF experience was fantastic. The work the John Fawcett Foundation does in the conditions they have, is nothing short of amazing. They are a dedicated, organised, driven team of professionals. A 15-minute operation at a cost of AU$50 gives back more than just sight. The patient and their carer are returned to independence and can then actively participate in the lives of their family and community. A mother sees her child, a grandfather his grandchildren and a husband his wife. A vital human health right is returned. Feeling humbled and so very grateful for the experience that we were able to share with our fellow Reliable Education students and the John Fawcett Foundation.” Ingrid & James Leverrier

What a truly humbling experience to witness both the surgery and the follow up appointments with our new beautiful Balinese family members - I don’t say this lightly - we were truly held as family in the community’s eyes that we visited. As for the prosthetic work, that was breathtaking - I simply don’t have words for that experience...” Claire Stachurski

If you choose to go, you need to make the most of it, because it’s a once in a lifetime experience. You have to always be in the moment and really get in there and to support the community and the people there” Yuliya Stachurski